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Elevating Human Connections: Dreams Vault Xperiences Redefining Engagement in a Digital Age

Crafting Unforgettable Moments and Fostering Communities through Strategically Guided, Technology-Infused Experiences

Dreams Vault Xperiences, a division of Dreams Vault Media, is dedicated to crafting enchanting and unforgettable moments. Our mission revolves around the belief that the world thrives when people come together. In an age dominated by digital interactions, we champion the idea that fostering communities and genuine in-person connections holds more significance than ever before.

Originating as a brand a decade ago, we’ve evolved into a prominent agency on the national stage. Our expertise lies in delivering meticulously designed, strategically guided, technology-infused, and human-centered experiences across diverse audience segments and industries. Under the Dreams Vault Media umbrella, alongside our subsidiary Dreams Vault Xperiences, we serve as an all-inclusive destination specializing in the creation and execution of captivating, narrative-driven content across various media landscapes – whether it’s transmedia, cross-media, or integrated media. Our Xperiences not only resonate deeply with audiences, fostering personal connections, but also ensure lasting impressions and high recall value.

DVX is a leading event organizer in Mumbai, India, specializing in events for the film industry. We have over 20 years of experience and have produced events for some of the biggest names in Bollywood.

We offer a wide range of event planning services, including:
  • Venue selection and management
  • Event design and décor
  • Entertainment and AV production
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Guest relations and event logistics
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